We want to facilitate

Bohus Fortress has never been captured during 14 sieges and was built to be extremely difficult to get into. However, the Swedish Property Agency has high ambitions when it comes to making the facility accessible to as many people as possible.

For a more detailed description, click on the link to the Accessibility Database.

In May 2012, a new elevator was inaugurated, which can take wheelchair-bound visitors or visitors with a pram between the different levels of the fortress. The lift is self-maneuvered and accessed via the eastern grid gate where there is also disabled parking for two cars. From there, a newly laid path leads to the elevator. However, there are still many places on the fortress that are difficult to access.

To open the lattice gate and access the lift, contact the staff at the fortress entrance: 072-307 17 77

The dog is welcome to come with you when you visit us, just remember that it must be kept on a leash at all times. A water bowl is adjacent to the toilet building and if you forgot dog bags, it is available to buy in the entrance cottage.

To think about during the visit

Bohus Fortress is a wonderful place to visit, but can also be a dangerous place. We ask all visitors to respect barriers and fences, and adults must also have adequate supervision over their children. It is quite possible to bring prams, but note that the surface is uneven in places, and in rain it can also be slippery. It is not allowed to drink alcohol inside Bohus Fortress, neither during events nor regular opening hours. Dogs are welcome in the fortress unless they are kept on a leash and any feces are picked up and thrown in exposed rubbish bins.

Keep in mind that the fortress is a ruin that is mostly in the open air and that the ground is both rocky and uneven. In bad weather there is protection to seek in the following places:

  • On stage, under the sail.
  • In the magazine (entrance from the stage)
  • At the service house (WC, HWC)
  • The Russian vault, by the pond
  • The casemates, by the pond
  • In the tower Father’s hat
  • In the tower Mother’s hat

Water toilets are inside the fortress, one of which is handicapped accessible. At the toilets there is a defibrillator, fire extinguisher and fire blanket. First aid kit is available in the entrance shop and in the service house.