Environmental and sustainability policy

We are the ones who’ve created the environmental problems, which is why we at Bohus Fortress strive constantly to reduce our climate footprint.

Our business is conducted in a fortress that is over 700 years old and built of granite upon a stone cliff.

Our aim is to contribute to sustainable development, e.g. by:

  • We use environmental fuel for all grass surfaces that are cut on the fortress and run multi-cuts (leave the grass cut to provide nutrients to the soil). We do not cut certain areas to promote biodiversity.
  • All grass surfaces on the outside of the fortress are grazed by sheep.
  • When it comes to the food served, we try, as far as possible, to buy organic and locally produced goods. All meat served is organic and locally produced. As this production is located around Bohus Fortress down towards Ragnhildsholmen and up towards Marieberg, it is hardly possible to get more locally produced.
  • The animals graze mainly on cultural-historical land that has often been overgrown but where it has since been fenced in and restored. Thanks to these grazing animals, many relics from the past have come to light again.
  • When water has to be pumped from certain parts of the fortress, we primarily use siphons instead of electric water pumps, which saves large amounts of energy.
  • The marketing is largely digital to reduce the amount of paper with subsequent distribution.
  • Water and sewage are municipally connected.
  • When building or renovating the fortress, materials that are not pressure impregnated are used.
  • All waste is sorted.

When you visit us, you contribute to our work for a more sustainable world.

Bohus Fortress

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